/CL We failed to hold over the recent big daily chart breakout. We are though, coming into some levels of support this week to watch. I am willing to test some long CRUDE again in the $58 level. Will be monitoring carefully but not rushing as geopolitical news could alter this chart very aggressively.



$DXY The last time we came back to the 200sma on the daily this chart failed to break and hold. I would be expecting to see a similar reaction this week as the possibility of a CRUDE move and GOLD move comes into factor.





/ES We should not be at all worried about this chart for now. Are we a little topping and should see a few more sessions of drawbacks? I can see that happening this week for sure. There is not any reason for full blown fear as the chart consolidates and resets. I will be trading the short side this week but, ready to buy at the first signs of support.





/GLD Continues to be safe haven hedge for investors as we broke out and now could be forming some base for another upside week. I think as we remain cautious about the world wide outlook buyers will continue to hedge. I do think however that GOLD may not be the only hedge investors might be looking at as it’s slower than BITCOIN for example which can be the new go to hedge IMO. gc-1-11




/NG I don’t see any reason not to test some NAT GAS here with the risk being well defined. The supply and chart keeps me from being a longer term holder here but, could provide some shorter term play into this week.



/CL CRUDE held its support with authority and looks to break out from the daily chart wedge coming into this week. A break over Friday session’s highs puts the bull flag into play with an upside potential move to upper $60’s. Already long a CRUDE name and looking for some continuation from this move. I remain bullish on the commodity this week.
/DX Short term trend reversal with Friday’s close. The chart showed weakness at its 50EMA before and will need to see it break over that resistance before confirming a reversal on the daily chart. We would need to close over $90.50 levels. I think we can have a couple green days on the index early into the week. I remain neutral to bullish on this chart setup.
/ES After the breakout from the bull flag setup we’ve seen a full week of consolidation and trend retest. This coming week is very important to the direction of this chart. We can easily go in either direction with this setup. I’ll share what I can see from this point. I see a clear double top on the chart. I see lack of fresh interested money and I see the possibility for a serious pullback. Technically I have a bull-flag setup and waiting for possible buyers. Trading what I can see and not what I would like to see I would have to say I cannot be bullish just yet.
/GC The chart continues to show its weakness and now approaches the $1300 levels yet again. We would need to hold that level for any money to come into this chart. It would be easier to wait and observe as the fall off could be sharp if support is broken. I remain neutral to bearish on this chart coming into the week.
/NG NATGAS continues to be the boredom trade of the year. As we continue to fail to see buyers or real sellers on the chart it remains a non eventful trade for both longs and shorts. I don’t have any interest in trading this commodity until it gets some more movement. If we hold the $2.60 level we could push back up to the trend line. I remain bored with NATGAS into this week.


/CL Buyers stepped in right at the support line to hold the trend printing a huge bullish engulfing candle on Friday’s session. Looking for a retest of the low $61’s to confirm the strength for a continued upside move. If it move is to be proven strong we should expect to see $64 range this week where we would be looking for some short term profit taking from this move. A break of that $64 range will then give us potential strength to the upper channel trend levels in the $66 range. I remain bullish into the setup this week with risk to the proven trend line support.
/DX A break over $90.50 zone could create a nice push on this chart. Trading what we can see and not what we “could see”, we should continue to slide from this current range. The new down trend channel creates resistance here and brings the chart down this week. I remain on the sidelines into this chop not assuming a direction until a set direction comes into play.
/ES The chart broke the downtrend line to the upside with some buyers supporting the breakout. We still remain in a slower upside movement as bulls cautiously buys here and bears look for reasons to remain short. The case for a bear could be presented with a double top and less volume short idea whereas, the case for a bull would be the obvious reversal breakout. I would like to see a retest of this breakout with some more volume to the buy side to confirm bulls are back in the drivers seat. I remain long on big names as they continue to parallel this upside movement.
/GC Channel zone is set for GOLD and both sides of the trade could be seen at this point. Technically, we see a lower high into the channel move providing a strong reason to believe the break down of this channel is onĀ  the verge of happening. A break down under the $1300’s could send this chart sharply down well into the low $1200’s. I await this trade but, also see the potential hold. I will trade both sides of this range until a direction is met for any continued hold into that direction.
/NG Showing beginning traits of weakness again into this slow upside move. I exited my long position for now during this week as I feel it isn’t worth the exposure. If we do not see some strong support from bulls here I would have to believe we retest the lows in the coming week. For now, I do not have a position but, would be okay with testing the trade on the short side risking to the current pivot point.


/CL Holding the main uptrend on the daily chart. Hammer candles showing bulls till in control of the major trend for now. Using pivot lows from the main trend a long position could be taken with defined risk. If we hold $60 range we should be able to see $65-$66 levels. I remain bullish into the week risking to the pivot point at $60.
/DX Downtrend remains intact. The chart had a pivot point breakout reason to push higher and failed to continue seeing buyers. We should see continued sellers on the chart into this week and a retest of the trend in the $88.50-$89 range before another direction is attempted. I remain bearish on this chart until a better support is found.
/ES Amidst all bearish comments and prediction traders idea the chart continues to show bigger picture strength. Hammer candle on Friday’s session shows the potential strength on the chart into any support range. Given the opportunity to hold and move this chart is ready to prove many wrong. Very important technical week in store for traders as we need to hold this low pivot point. Risking to Friday’s low a long position could be initiated for a move to $2760 range. Until the lows are broken I will remain bullish into this week.
/GC Channel range on the chart at this juncture. Range bound trading for now from $1365 down to $1300. I would be long using the current lows as we trade in the channel. If we break under $1300 I would expect to see a sharp selloff down to the $1250 range. No reason to be guessing and predicting here as it could be a clean trade using the channel. I will remain bullish on this setup until the chart proves otherwise.
/NG We continue to reside in the buy zone on the chart. We should be able to see a test of the trend-line this week in the $2.80 range. I am currently long into this slow upside move. Couple important levels to watch this week are $2.75 for bulls and $2.57 for bears. I remain long until the chart says otherwise.


/CL Very bullish strength off the retest this week. The chart has a couple resistance zones as it tries to reclaim support trend lines. $64.20 zone and $65.50 areas comes into play this coming week. We would need to see those crucial areas breakout and hold for further continuation. I think we see the early move towards those levels this week then we consolidate for a couple days. I remain bullish on the commodity coming into the week as I am already long.
/DX Technically we’re looking at a double bottom bounce trade. As it stands for right now we have a lower high that’s not bullish. We would need to break over $90.60 in order to be in a trend reversal. Until then we continue to be in a bearish trend. I would rather stand on the sidelines until a direction is fully established.
/ES We closed over the 50EMA on the daily. Even though the buying volume into the upside push is weaker than normal I think it could be associated with hesitation and fear. I don’t see an issue with this chart from a technical perspective. A break over $2755 would be supported by volume. At this point on the chart I remain bullish even into the low volume push.
/GC Very important level on the chart at this point. The chart came into a breakout spot and failed to do so. I think we see weakness and a breakdown on the chart this week. If we break the pivot point levels I would be looking for mid $1200’s. No directional position as of yet for me but, I am ready to trade this setup if we breakdown.
/NG Double bottom on the daily chart. I remain patiently long on NATGAS at this area. We do not have much to go with at this point other than the technical analysis. If we held here we would need to see the $2.60s hold for support.


/CL I’m seeing some topping on the chart. I’m seeing breakout potential with much hesitation. Even though the chart is maintaining a support level it is also showing us sellers and profit takers at this level. I think we see a breakdown of the support this week. I’m considering short term short starter on CRUDE this week. Will be looking for a $63 retest if the short works.
/DX Projected fibs held support for a bounce trade on the USD. Levels remain strong for now and with the proven strength on the chart at this level I will be interested into longing some at the base into pullbacks. Risk will be very defined at the lows. Will be looking for $91’s if the base is held.
/ES Increased selling volume showed up into the last trading session. I think we find temporary support early into the week and produces a short squeeze push. The bigger picture on the chart is not broken. If long positions are managed I could see this pullback being an opportunity not a flaw.
/GC Fib projections held for rejection on GOLD and we are at a pivot breakdown on the chart. If we don’t reclaim $1350 we could be looking at a short term pullback to $1310 before finding better support. I’ll be playing the short on GOLD for the short term pullback.
/NG I took a long NATGAS position into the support on the daily chart. I think we find the support at this range to get us back into the $3.30 range. I will be using the $2.80 levels as reason not to be in the long position anymore.


/CL From a technical perspective I see a strong chart that continues to consolidate in this range over the breakout levels. I would be cautious with shorting this level with the bigger breakout in sight. I remain long on CRUDE and with respecting the current trend and breakout levels expect to see the move into the week. I can be patient with stops in place for a move in the $67 range.
/DX We had a couple attempts to reclaim the break down levels this past week. The chart continues to be weak and should be noted that until the $91 levels are reclaimed it may not be wise picking the bottom here. I remain bearish on this chart for now with no hesitation to be long if the trend reverses.
/ES Human emotions will have anyone thinking short this over extended chart. I remain grounded with the technical direction and price action. Until the chart proves otherwise I remain long biased even into this extension. We broke the upper trend to the upside and could put the chart into an aggressive buying push this week.
/GC I think we see some consolidation this week. I expect the chart to hold a range in the $1320 levels with positive and negative days intertwined. One interesting angle is that the chart could attempt to push over $1363 which is the pivot breakout or, retrace to the $1290 retest areas. There could be a tight channel trade for this week over $1345 or under $1307. I remain on the sidelines as the chart consolidates and I wait for a bigger signal.
/NG We have entered into the breakout and retest channel. Technically in my opinion I think we’re ready to have a bigger push this week. I’m looking for a move to $3.40 on the chart. It may come this week and I can wait if it doesn’t. I remain long NAT GAS and think we continue to move higher for now.

Day trader/ Swing trader